2019 Preconference

On Thursday, October 3rd, Scenic City Summit is hosting complimentary PreConference Sessions at no charge to attendees. Thanks to our sponsors, anyone interested in hearing from experts in their field may attend for free. Sessions will be held at the Convention Center.

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Session 1 Sponsored by Pega Systems

Alleviating Digital Transformation Debt – through DPA!

9:00 AM

The term “Digital Transformation” is overloaded. It has become overloaded and almost meaningless. This presentation will cover three fundamental cultural shifts that are critical for success in the digital era: (1) digitizing value streams to address challenges in application and organizational silos; (2) the transformation from legacy to automation with robotic and AI assisted work; and (3), a pragmatic Design Thinking approach to balance the speed of digital innovation with best practices. The presentation will also provide examples and explain the salient capabilities of the engine that enables all these shifts: Digital Process Automation (DPA)!

Speaker: Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Chief Evangelist and VP of BPM Technology

Session 2 Sponsored by InfoSystems

What IT Companies Know About Cybersecurity But Are Afraid To Share

10:15 AM

Some experts are predicting that cyber breaches will soon affect nearly every company and recommending that businesses prepare for “when” not “if” an incident happens. It may surprise you to learn that IT company leaders are taking drastic measures - sometimes selling their company or looking for ways to diversify their business holdings - all because of the rising cybersecurity threat. In this talk we will share “inside information” that every business leader, regardless of company size, industry, or location, should know to help protect their company from cyber-attacks. Attendees will learn how they can qualify for a free Security Impact Review, which provides a snapshot of a company’s current security preparedness for executives and company leaders.

Speakers: Josh Davis, VP of Marketing and Rob Ashcraft

Josh Davis has been marketing in the IT industry for nearly 10 years – a.k.a. the “golden age” of buzzwords, fluffery, and trendy transformations. Josh is an fantastic speaker with the ability to expose technology marketing hype for what it is (useless) and highlight the actual issues companies need to hear about.

Rob Ashcraft has been working in cyber security and risk management for over 15-years and 25-years in IT. He works directly with local businesses to assess how prepared they are to defend against, and react to, cybersecurity attacks. While unable to talk about specific companies, Rob is able to gather and share amazing insights from his work, such as common mistakes and oversights that leave companies vulnerable to attack.

Session 3 Sponsored by RedHat

Supersonic, Subatomic Java and the Future of Cloud-Native, Kubernetes-Native Development

11:30 AM

Java has dominated Enterprise development for over 20 years. Java outlasted the desktop and dominated server side development for the internet. Java made the jump to mobile with the emergence of Android devices.

But Java was built for long running applications in traditional datacenter deployments. Kubernetes and Containers have revolutionized the datacenter and cloud native development is becoming the norm. Java had not kept up… until March of this year.

Quarkus changes the game and delivers vastly smaller, vastly faster, and fundamentally more scalable Java development. In this session, we’ll see how Quarkus will optimize Enterprise Java apps, APIs, microservices, and “serverless functions” for a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment.

Speaker: Jeremy Davis, Chief Architect

Jeremy Davis Jeremy Davis (@argntprgrmr) is a Principal Solution Architect for App Dev at Red Hat. Before joining Red Hat he wrote a lot of code starting with JavaScript and progressing through Perl, Visual Basic, Ruby, Python, C, C#, Objective-C and of course Java. He is the co-lead of Red Hat's Microservices Community of Practice and previously lead the Business Rules and Workflow SME group. He has a great deal of interest in reactive and all things web related.

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