Conference Talks

Alex Hinson11:3012Rapid Cross-Platform AR Development with React NativeEmerging TechnologiesAR's popularity is growing at an increasing rate, and it might seem as if native iOS and Android developers are the only ones who have the skills to keep up. We’ll look at how web & mobile developers can create native cross-platform AR/VR experiences through React Native and a platform called Viro.
Alexander Slotte11:3016/17Real-Time Data Streaming with Azure Stream AnalyticsCloud and DevOpsReal-time data streaming is currently considering one of the hottest topics of 2019. Coupling real-time data streaming with machine learning allows organizations to make split second decision that can greatly affect a companies success. Join me in this session introducing Azure Stream Analytics!
Alexander Slotte14:1513Machine Learning made Easy - An Introduction to ML.NETEmerging TechnologiesMachine Learning and AI is everywhere. While algorithms are improved in a rapid rate, performing ML tasks has not yet been made readily available for Software Developers. Join me in this session for a deep dive in ML.NET, a cross-platform open-source library that bring ML to the .NET ecosystem!
Allen Zaudtke15:1516/17IoT in Azure - A Journey to ProductionEmerging TechnologiesMaking the right choices out of all the options in Azure is difficult. This is the journey of how we accomplished that in order to allow our IOT solution to grow and succeed at a time where our home grown solution wasn't going to cut it anymore.
Andrew Malek11:309/10Cognitive Biases and the User ExperienceUXLearn more about biases such as confirmation bias, false consensus effect, framing bias, halo effect, and Parkinson's Law of triviality (the bicycle shed effect). These can affect usability testing, user research, presenting research findings, and UX design.
Andrew Malek14:1512Is This a Button? A Question Your Users Should Never Ask.UXLearn about ideas you can test to possibly increase your app or website’s usage, guiding people to lead-generation or checkout activities. Topics include color theory, floating buttons, Fitts’s Law, microinteractions, and perceived performance.
Avdi Grimm13:1512#NOCODE: Increased impact through strategic code avoidanceProcess and ProfessionalFor beginning programmers, coding is a superpower. But as we gain experience, code-centric thinking can become a trap. Prepare to have your conception of what it means to be a programmer challenged, as we explore how to increase your leverage by choosing NOT to write code.
Avindra Fernando13:1514/15Service Workers: Transforming your App into a Progressive Web ApplicationWeb and MobileWhat if we could build a web application which auto-magically works across various devices and platforms? Thanks to Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), this dream has now come true. Come join me in transforming your web application into a progressive web application.
Avindra Fernando15:1511Apollo GraphQL: Integrating GraphQL in Your Web Apps!Web and MobileImagine having to make three separate api calls to get person demographics. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make one call instead of three while specifying the exact data you need? With GraphQL and the Apollo Client, this dream has now come true.
Cameron Presley10:3012How Functional Programming Made Me A Better DeveloperServer-sideKeep hearing about Functional Programming (FP) but not sure if it's right for you? Do you feel that since you work with object-oriented, you don't need to learn functional? Then this talk is for you!

In this talk, I'll discuss my experience learning FP and how I became a better developer.
Chad Green9:3012Building an Ultra-Scalable API Using Azure FunctionsCloud and DevOpsThe backend to most extensible applications are the APIs that provide the crux of the workload. We’ll identify what serverless computing is, why to consider having a serverless API backend, provide an example of how to develop a serverless architecture, and go over potential benefits and pitfalls.
Chad Green13:1511From Zero to ServerlessCloud and DevOpsHave you ever just needed to get a simple process that needs to be executed on a routine basis? Well serverless computing will help you do that quickly and without the mess and fuss of dealing with infrastructure.
Chad Waddell14:158Back to Basics: Basic CIS ControlsCybersecurityThe new Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls Version 7 was released in 2018 and it is a great time to get back to basics or to learn them for the first time. These basic controls will help you build a firm foundation for your cybersecurity program. If you can implement these controls you will have a better security posture than the majority of companies out there.
Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie everyone can learn something from this talk. Don’t get caught up in all the AI, machine-learning, quantum encryption, and blockchain hype, take a step back and make sure you have the basics down. Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be hard.
Come and hear Solutions Architect, Chad Waddell from InfoSystems share more about the first 6 CIS Controls which are well-known as the Basic CIS Controls.
Chris Gardner11:3014/15A Journey through Creating and Consuming Custom NuGet PackageServer-sideIn this talk, I'll guide you through my journey into creating and hosting custom NuGet packages. I'll start with the basics and progress to configuration transforms, source code transforms, and specifying development dependencies. We'll also discuss some of the advanced options that are available.
Chris Gardner13:1513Rethinking Architecture: A Look at MacroservicesServer-sideIn this talk, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of both SOA and Microservices. From there, we can weigh these concerns and try to find a happy middle ground, which I refer to as Macroservices. By the end, we'll know the concerns we must weigh as we decide how to build our next application.
Chris Rimondi15:158Building Strong Cloud Security FoundationsCybersecurityWhat is the most important service to implement correctly for securing
your cloud workloads? In this talk we cover principles of cloud security
and where organizations should start making investments to protect
their cloud workloads.
Daniel Oliver15:1513Building, Deploying, and Monitoring Applications with AzureCloud and DevOpsTaking code to production in a consistent process makes software development easier for everyone. A problem at any step of the software development life-cycle affects everyone. Automating Azure, taking code to production becomes consistent, repeatable, observable, and accountable.
Don DenUyl14:1511Finding the right developersProcess and ProfessionalIn today's market the competition to recruit top talent is challenging. In this talk we will focus on strategies for finding, recruiting and interviewing developers. You will take away some ideas and strategies that will help you build your team.
Douglas Starnes9:3014/15Deep Learning For Folks Without (or With!) a Ph.D.Emerging TechnologiesHow does a computer identify pictures of cats? Or drive a car? These are jobs for deep learning. Deep learning is a specialization of machine learning for perceptual tasks. If this sounds hard, it’s because it is! The Python community has contributed two libraries TensorFlow and Keras to help.
Douglas Starnes15:159/10Kotlin: What’s in it For YouServer-sideAt IO 2017, Google announced support is coming for Kotlin in Android 'O'. Kotlin addresses many of the complaints developers have against Java. But it can be a departure from Java. This session covers Kotlin for both beginners and those who already know Java.
Francis Solomon9:3011Event-Driven Architecture for MicroservicesServer-sideLearn how to decouple your microservices using an event bus. In this session, I'll demonstrate how to make your distributed systems more reliable and responsive through this technique using .NET Core and RabbitMQ.
Francis Solomon14:1516/17Implementing a RESTful API in .NET CoreServer-sideCode samples don't do justice to the process of actually building an API from scratch. In this session, I'll show you how to get a practical API off the ground in .NET Core. You'll see how to design the API, how to set up data access and exception handling, and how to construct effective unit tests.
Geoff Mazeroff11:3013Your PlaybookProcess and ProfessionalWe are builders, solvers, and thinkers. Yet we are opinionated, emotional, biased -- human. It's helpful to make a playbook with goals, values, and processes that resonate with us. Such concepts transcend any technology, domain, or job; our playbook helps us when we get lost, question, and doubt.
Gregory Beamer10:309/10DevOps in the Real World: Lessons from the TrenchesCloud and DevOpsWhile DevOps is a silver bullet word familiar with most audiences, it is hard for many organizations to implement a true DevOps culture. This session focuses on the most important, core topic: automating delivery of software to allow developers and operators to focus on solving business problems.
Jameson McGhee9:309/10What Do Your Test Cases DO for You?Process and ProfessionalI have you ever felt, as I have, that sometimes writing test cases is just a waste of your time? Lets talks about how that can happen and how we can avoid writing test case that are not beneficial in the future!
Janna Micole Curtis13:1516/17The UX Stack: Exploring the Designer’s ToolboxUXUser experience is the bread and butter of successful technology, but what are the ingredients? This session covers each layer of the UX stack, the designer’s various tools and methodologies.
Jeff McGehee10:3011Concepts for Scalable Implementations of Digital TwinsEmerging TechnologiesThe most essential part of a successful digital twin implementation is a solid infrastructure that supports your models and data streams while retaining the ability to adapt as the needs of your stakeholders change. In this talk, you’ll learn how to make tradeoffs based on your project needs.
Jonathan Kemp14:159/10Get More Done with Vue.jsWeb and MobileVue.js is a framework for building user interfaces that's designed to be simple and flexible with a heavy focus on performance. In this session, you’ll learn what Vue.js is and how its simplicity and flexibility combined with its performance and developer experience can help you get more done.
Josh Carroll10:3013Punch complexity in the face with RxJSWeb and MobileModern front end programming is hard! You have state and data coming at you from all angles, and managing it all can be tricky.

Luckily, RxJS makes wrangling the complexity easy, and even fun!

Come learn about Observables from the ground up, and end by learning how to write RxJS like a pro.
Josh Carroll15:1512Not Your Father's JavaScript: Advanced JavaScript Features You Should be UsingWeb and MobileModern JavaScript came with a plethora of new features, but most people are still not taking advantage of all it has to offer.

In this session we will cover some of JavaScript's newest features and how they can make your life easier, and drastically improve your code.
Katie Cleveland10:3016/17This Just Isn’t Working (on my Machine): Navigating the Arranged Marriage of Dev and QAProcess and ProfessionalAs a member of this dev and QA relationship, do you ever feel like you aren’t on the same page? Are there things you would change in your partner?
Come join my session, where we will review the two perspectives from both sides of the code, and all of the emotions in-between- to benefit us both.
Keyaan Williams13:158Aligning Security Value with Business NeedsCybersecurityYou cannot align security with the business until you understand how to
describe the value of security in business terms. This presentation
focuses on three key ideas related to this concern. First, we will
explore the process of describing the value
of security activities in business terms. Next, we will highlight the
qualities of good performance metrics. Finally, we will use these ideas
to demonstrate how to present the results to the organization to make a
real impact.
Lauren Tremblay13:159/10Gender in Tech: Why Hiring “The Best for the Job” Isn’t That SimpleProcess and ProfessionalWhen I have conversations on the topic of gender parity in tech, I often hear, “we hire the best person for the job.” In this talk, we’ll address the “paradox of meritocracy,” issues with hiring for “culture fit,” and how to implement more fair hiring practices in tech.
Matt Crowder9:3016/17React hooksWeb and MobileAre you not sure if you should use react hooks? If you aren't then you'll learn why you should use hooks, if you are, then let's show how to migrate to them.
Matt Crowder11:3011Testing ReactWeb and MobileIf you had to rewrite your react tests when you changed your components to use hooks, then you're writing tests wrong.
Michael McNeill9:301310 important things to consider when selecting a container platformCloud and DevOpsEverybody’s talking containers. Everybody’s talking Kubernetes. So many options and so little time to evaluate them all. How do you select a container platform? What’s really important?

In this session, we'll journey through the what, how, who, and why of selecting a container orchestration infrastructure. We'll start with the relationship between Linux and containers, then explore the different options available if you want to move to Kubernetes for container orchestration. Along the way, we'll debunk some myths and shine some light into the dark corners of container orchestration. You'll leave this session armed with the knowledge you need to make the right container orchestration infrastructure decision to dive into the world of cloud-native application development and accelerate innovation to better serve your customers.
Natasha Carlyon14:1514/15Exploring the Amazon: Our DevOps JourneyCloud and DevOpsAre deployments painful? Do you shudder every time you push code to production, praying that nothing bad happens? Is it taking longer to add new features? In this presentation, I will share DevOps practices we implemented to frequently push customer facing code.
Rick Cantrell10:308Hiring Strategies for Today’s Security LeadersCybersecurityAt Avertium its important for us to recruit and retain the best talent
possible so we are able to deliver world-class services for our
The security job market continues to be an extremely competitive
environment and a new blueprint is needed to keep up. In this talk, we
will discuss some strategies that Avertium leverages in its Security
Operations Center to maintain the staff level to accommodate
an ever-changing workforce.
Shayne Champion11:308Incident response with limited resourcesCybersecurityRegardless of the size of your organization, you, your Help Desk and
other areas of your organization, can be the entry point for a security
incident.  What should
you do and where should you start for organizations with little to no
budget for your Incident Response program?  How do you provide your team
with training on proper response procedures and common indicators of
compromise?  This presentation will look at
tools that you and your team can implement for little or no up-front
cost to prepare your organization for a successful IR program.
Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych10:3014/15The Role of the Minority in the World of TechnologyProcess and ProfessionalKey Takeaways:
•Understanding of why few qualified individuals of Diversity work in IT

•Strategies that technology companies can use to recruit more qualified people of diversity in the IT world

•Novel recruitment policies that will enable technology companies to employ more qualified Minorities
Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych15:1514/15Empowering Soft Skills with Team Dynamics & Communication Skills (For Software Engineering Team Projects & Customer Service): Using Active listening TechniquesProcess and ProfessionalKey Takeaways:
•Creative Problem Solving
•Customer Service & Support
•Generational Gaps & Workplace Diversity
•Goal Setting
•Leadership and Influence
•Employee Efficiency
•Using Group Dynamics
•The loss of translation in a text/email.
•The value of how things are said
•How someone hears a word
Stephen Haywood9:308Hidden TreasuresCybersecurityIn a world where web applications are pushed to production through
automated systems, we often unintentionally push sensitive information
to the web server. We will discuss the types of sensitive information
that gets pushed to
production and how attackers find that information.
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