Bruce Tate

Bruce is a professional Elixir trainer and author. In his spare time, he’s a kayaker, climber, programmer and father of two from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The serial entrepreneur founded Groxio in 2018, a programming content company. His company does public and private training for Elixir’s Phoenix LiveView, Elixir, and OTP.

His latest books include Programming Phoenix and Adopting Elixir with José Valim and Ben Marx, and Designing Systems with OTP With James E. Gray II. His specialty is rapidly building complex medium volume web sites. His teams work with Elixir, the highly scalable functional language. He has written many books, including 3 technical best sellers and two Jolt-winners. He is also the editor of the Seven in Seven and Elixir book lines for the Pragmatic Bookshelf publisher.

He is an international speaker, including keynotes in Denmark, Bangalore, Washington DC, Stockholm, Detroit, Norway, and headline sessions worldwide.

Bruce worked at IBM for 13 years and various startups for two years, before launching his consulting practices centered around Java, Ruby, and now, Elixir.

Specialties: Training for Elixir, especially Phoenix and OTP.