Conference Schedule

TimeRoomSpeakerSession TitleTrack
08:3014/15Tracy LeeOpening KeynoteKeynote
09:3014/15Douglas StarnesDeep Learning For Folks Without (or With!) a Ph.D.Emerging Technologies
09:3011Francis SolomonEvent-Driven Architecture for MicroservicesServer-side
09:3012Chad GreenBuilding an Ultra-Scalable API Using Azure FunctionsCloud and DevOps
09:3013Michael McNeill10 important things to consider when selecting a container platformCloud and DevOps
09:3016Matt CrowderReact hooksWeb and Mobile
09:3017Jameson McGheeWhat Do Your Test Cases DO for You?Process and Professional
09:307Stephen HaywoodHidden TreasuresCybersecurity
10:3014/15Stacey JenkinsEmpowering Soft Skills with Team Dynamics & Communication Skills (For Software Engineering Team Projects & Customer Service): Using Active listening TechniquesProcess and Professional
10:3011Jeff McGeheeConcepts for Scalable Implementations of Digital TwinsEmerging Technologies
10:3012Cameron PresleyHow Functional Programming Made Me A Better DeveloperServer-side
10:3013Josh CarrollNot Your Father's JavaScript: Advanced JavaScript Features You Should be UsingWeb and Mobile
10:3016Katie ClevelandThis Just Isn’t Working (on my Machine): Navigating the Arranged Marriage of Dev and QAProcess and Professional
10:3017Gregory BeamerDevOps in the Real World: Lessons from the TrenchesCloud and DevOps
10:307Rick CantrellHiring Strategies for Today’s Security LeadersCybersecurity
11:3014/15Chris GardnerA Journey through Creating and Consuming Custom NuGet PackageServer-side
11:3011Matt CrowderTesting ReactWeb and Mobile
11:3012Alex HinsonRapid Cross-Platform AR Development with React NativeEmerging Technologies
11:3013Geoff MazeroffYour PlaybookProcess and Professional
11:3016Alexander SlotteReal-Time Data Streaming with Azure Stream AnalyticsCloud and DevOps
11:3017Andrew MalekIs This a Button? A Question Your Users Should Never Ask.UX
11:307Shayne ChampionIncident response with limited resourcesCybersecurity
13:1514/15Avindra FernandoApollo GraphQL: Integrating GraphQL in Your Web Apps!Web and Mobile
13:1511Chad GreenFrom Zero to ServerlessCloud and DevOps
13:1512Avdi Grimm#NOCODE: Increased impact through strategic code avoidanceProcess and Professional
13:1513Chris GardnerRethinking Architecture: A Look at MacroservicesServer-side
13:1516Janna Micole CurtisThe UX Stack: Exploring the Designer’s ToolboxUX
13:1517Lauren TremblayGender in Tech: Why Hiring “The Best for the Job” Isn’t That SimpleProcess and Professional
13:157Keyaan WilliamsAligning Security Value with Business NeedsCybersecurity
14:1514/15Natasha CarlyonExploring the Amazon: Our DevOps JourneyCloud and DevOps
14:1511Don DenUylFinding the right developersProcess and Professional
14:1512Andrew MalekCognitive Biases and the User ExperienceUX
14:1513Alexander SlotteMachine Learning made Easy - An Introduction to ML.NETEmerging Technologies
14:1516Francis SolomonImplementing a RESTful API in .NET CoreServer-side
14:1517Jonathan KempGet More Done with Vue.jsWeb and Mobile
14:157Chad WaddellBack to Basics: Basic CIS ControlsCybersecurity
15:1514/15Stacey JenkinsTHE ROLE OF THE MINORITY IN THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGYProcess and Professional
15:1511Avindra FernandoService Workers: Transforming your App into a Progressive Web ApplicationWeb and Mobile
15:1512Josh CarrollPunch complexity in the face with RxJSWeb and Mobile
15:1513Daniel OliverBuilding, Deploying, and Monitoring Applications with AzureCloud and DevOps
15:1516Allen ZaudtkeIoT in Azure - A Journey to ProductionEmerging Technologies
15:1517Douglas StarnesKotlin: What’s in it For YouServer-side
15:157Chris RimondiBuilding Strong Cloud Security FoundationsCybersecurity
16:1514/15Jay HarrisClosing KeynoteKeynote
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